Customer Reviews

Excellent Birthday Gift

I'm very happy with the canvas of my dog! The process was very straight forward, and I love how he adjusted the art to my liking. He began by making 3 different styles, and then he adjusted my canvas how I wanted it (I was a bit picky). The process was very smooth, and I was pleasantly surprised by the shipping. The package was very secure, and I got my canvas without any wear or tear. I highly recommend working with them!

 Eddie V. 


Going Into My Office

I'm very pleased with my custom canvas! I sent in an iconic scene, and they transformed it into a piece of art that I have up in my office. The process was very straightforward, and they even adjusted the picture twice to my liking. I vouch for their quality of work. I'll be buying from them again!

Jennifer M. 


Straight To The Game Room!

A perfect canvas from a perfect movie. I'm grateful to my wife and I'm also grateful to the talented team at Pixel Pixel Prints. You have a lifetime customer in me.

 Joey V. 


Our Family Loves This

I'm very pleased with the canvas I received and the artwork looks amazing! The clip on the back made it very easy to mount on my wall. I will definitely be getting another one in the near future. Thanks!

 Anthony A.


Memorial For The Pet We Lost

I will just start of with how happy I am with the painting. It is beautiful and definitely genuinely detailed work. I recently lost my pet which I definitely miss everyday. Having a lovely portrait done of him definitely helps. The detail and colors are done very skillfully. I also can't get over how fast the service and shipping was. I'm used to printing services taking weeks to even months to getting your product to you. However my art was here within days of purchase. Would definitely order again.

Marissa S. 


Great shirt - TEST 2

This is a gest shirt - TEST 2

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